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Our Mission

We are passionate about achieving the following goals:

  • Providing honest reviews
  • Improving the quality of reviews on Amazon and Goodreads
  • Supporting authors in getting the max 70% royalty fees (for books priced at $2.99 and over)
  • Supporting charities that encourage reading and literacy among the young.

With this in mind, we:

  • Encourage all reviewers to express their own opinions about a book, allowing them to rate a book from 1 star to 5 stars
  • Request that all reviews are on average 150 to 300 words long
  • Demand that all reviewers confirm their purchase with an Amazon "verified purchase" next to their review
  • Sponsor and support organizations like KIDS NEED TO READ and READ TO FEED

Providing honest reviews:
Each time we get a request from an author, we are looking for honest reviewers to read the book and post their opinions on Amazon. Everything is in accordance with the store guidelines from Amazon and Goodreads. To quote Amazon, reviews are allowed until the time they are biased - therefore we allow each reviewer to provide their own opinions about a book, good or bad. Furthermore, we ask reviewers to select the genres they wish to read to help ensure we pass the correct books onto them.

fasttrack kindlebook review.

Improving the quality of reviews:
Currently the views on how Amazon manages book reviews are mixed:

The good:  
  • Readers can easily publish their opinion of a book as a "customer review"
  • The 1 to 5 star rating helps measure how much a reviewer likes a book
  • Potential buyers can read the published reviews before deciding to buy a book
  • The reviews with the most "helpful" votes get promoted to the top
The mediocre:  
  • Amazon's attempts to clean up the false reviews on its web store
  • Amazon's policy of allowing non-verified purchase reviews to be published
  • Amazon's inconsistency: allowing clear incidents of troll's reviews to be published, yet removing other reviews for no substantiated reason at all
The bad:  
  • Amazon permits trolls to publish reviews - trolls are people who deliberately trash a book, often with no signs of having purchased or read the book.
  • Poor quality reviews being published (sometimes consisting of just 1 word)
  • Amazon's reasons for removing legitimate reviews from fellow authors or honest readers

We ask authors to help us petition Amazon into improving its review system, removing the bad and the mediocre so that only decent and honest reviews are published.

Supporting authors in getting revenues from their books
We encourage authors to let our reviewers purchase their book at $2.99. This enables the author to earn the maximum 70% royalty from their sales, and is at a low enough price to encourage the impulse buyer. Authors can ask our reviewers to purchase their book at lower prices such as $0.99, but then they earn just 30% royalty from each sale.

Supporting charities that encourage reading and literacy among the young.
Please take a moment to visit initiatives like KIDS NEED TO READ and READ TO FEED which we sponsor or regularly run campaigns to generate donations. We believe one of the greatest gifts in life is enabling people to read, to escape into a world of fiction where they can excercise their imaginations or read books of non-fiction to educate themselves further.

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