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Frequently Ask Questions

FAQ document
For your convenience, we have put together a PDF document showing many of the most common questions we get. They include questions like:
Why should I want to purchase a review?
Who will review my book?
Your reviews seem very well priced. How come you charge less than other sources?
View: Kindle Book Review FAQ document

Do you guarantee a published review?
Yes - unless all the hundreds of reviewers in our network do not accept it. In this case we will inform you.

What information should I provide when I submit a book?
The submission form will guide you through the information we require. There is a Comment field where you also provide additional information such as which genre you consider your book to be in, and any short bio. Email address is a must. If you don't include a correct email address we cannot contact you.

What if my book is not available yet on Amazon? Do you provide beta-reviewers?
For authors who want their book reviewed before it is released, we do provide a beta-review service. These reviews are more detailed and will tell you what they think of the characters and plot in your book. Contact us if you wish to use the beta-review service and we will send you details.

Can I send a paperback or hardcover book for review?
. As our name implies, "KindleBookReview" is for authors who have their book available as an ebook on Amazon.

Can I submit the same book more than once for review?
Let's face it, a book on Amazon without reviews will not entice new readers. So we want to give all authors a chance to get their books reviewed. For this reason, we advise not to submit the same book more than once so we can help other authors out. Should you want more reviews after the ones our reviewers have already submitted, then please use the CONTACT US button on this page, and ask us for help in getting your book more reviews. I'm sure we'll be able to help.

Do you review books over the price of $2.99?
Yes, if your book is priced at $6.99 or under, we will review your book. Please note that books over $2.99 get less reviews (see the FastTrack page of our website for more details). If your book is over $6.99 and you want reviews, then contact us for a customized quote.

Can I use the Fast-Track service multiple times?
If you are happy with the results of your first reviews, then you can submit other books you have written. However, if you want a larger number of reviews for a book you have already submitted, then please contact us through the CONTACT US link above. We'll do our best to help you out.

Are you part of Amazon?
We are an Amazon associate and receive a small fee whenever our subscribers purchase from Amazon.

Why do your reviewers have to buy the book on Amazon? Can't I send a MOBI or PDF file instead?
By default, Amazon now only displayed "verified purchase" reviews. So if a review is posted for a book that is not purchased, then it is hard to find on your Amazon book page. If your book is not yet on Amazon for purchase, then please contact us again our beta-review service.

Can I contact other authors or reviewers in your network?
We respect the privacy of all authors and reviewers. There is nothing stopping you contacting an author if they deliberately leave their email address open to the public in their book, but we ask that you respect their privacy.

How long should I wait after I have sent a question in your Contact Us page?
Please be patient. If you have not heard within 5 days of your submission, send us a reminder in the CONTACT US link above. We usually answer questions within 24 hours, but it can take up to 2 to 3 business days.

Do you have a referral program?
Yes. Many authors who have used our services often recommend us to other authors - that's great. But if you are a publisher, agent, or author who also would like to be rewarded for referrals, then please contact us asking about our Referral Program.


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