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KINDLEBOOK REVIEW: Why it pays to get reviewed

Do you believe that book reviews are critical for sales? You're not alone. Reviews are up there with having great writing and good cover designs. If you can get great reviews, you'll make sales and improve your Amazon Sales Ranking.

Do you also want reviewers to purchase your book so that their reviews display the "amazon verified purchase" stamp next to it? After all, that does add more credibility - and Amazon now only displays verified purchase reviews by default.

If you answered YES to any of the above, then this is the site for you.

There's no better way to generate buzz and create credibility for your books than to get good reviews. And the negative reviews will probably do you no harm either. So how do you go about getting those reviews, and what should you pay?

As many indie authors know, getting people to read and review your books is no easy task. There are reviewers out there, but their reading lists are so large that it often takes months to look at your book. And after the long wait, there is no guarantee that they will publish a review. The result is a lot of anxiety and disappointment.

Is it worth paying for reviews?

This depends on what you are aiming for, and how much time you have. Not paying for reviews is a time consuming and often thankless pursuit- but it could be for you. The alternatives are:

1. Professional paid reviews: pay to get your book reviewed by organizations such as Kirkus - but at a big price ($400-$800 is not unusual). Even then, it does not get you the volume of reviews on Amazon you need to influence sales.

2. Pay for reviews: from sites like Fiverr - this is a cheap alternative, but very risky since Amazon has identified these sites as illegal ways to get reviews, and will delete all reviews if discovered - and believe me, Amazon has clever ways to spot this.

3. Mailout service promotions: a legitimate way to obtain sales and reviews for your book and used by many popular book promoters such as BookBub and ourselves. Our uniqueness is that our mail subscribers are not readers, but reviewers with a proven history in posting reviews on their blogs, Amazon and Goodreads.

That's why we created KindleBookReview, a site that allows you to get reviews from reliable people who will purchase your book and post reviews - at a very affordable price. Our services ensure your book goes straight to the top of the review pile guaranteeing multiple reviews on both the Amazon and GoodReads websites.

By establishing an enthusiastic group of reviewers, and a growing network of authors willing to help each other out, we have created the ideal environment to deliver what you want: honest reviews at low prices. Our services include:


FastTrackGet not one but up to 4 reviews (2 on Amazon, and 2 on GoodReads)  for your book delivered by a team of reviewers who will purchase your book and publish reviews within 15 to 25 days.


FastTrack ProGet 8 reviews (4 on Amazon, and 4 on GoodReads)  for your book delivered by a dedicated team of reviewers who will purchase your book and start publishing reviews within 3 to 5 days.

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